I have something to share!

Woohoo! I have some really exciting news to share with you! The doors to the Absolute Dogs Training Academy are about to open and I am giving you a heads up!

Open 17th October 2020 – Closing on the 28th October 2020


I want you to think of the Training Academy as an infinite way for you to keep that fire in your belly lit. Homeschooling our dogs is our only option right now. The Training Academy will give you the opportunity to keep that sense of purpose to your dog training going. The library of games is vast!
With my help, you are going to get the best experience from the Training Academy.
How does it work?

  1. A new game is added each week building into an awesome library of
  2. Dive in at any point – never feel you are “left behind” celebrate your
    own journey as unique!
  3. Search for games based on your specific struggles and skyrocket your
  4. Join the existing knowledgeable community of dog owners – whatever
    your situation I can guarantee that our #gamechangers will support you
    in the exclusive Facebook group.
    What do you get?
  5. A new game released each week into the brand new online platform
  6. Weekly #10in10 – ask Tom and Lauren your questions LIVE
  7. Hot Topic Bonuses – Webinar recordings, Mini-courses, and e-Books!
  8. One of a kind – special, positive online Facebook community… A safe
    space for dog owners.
    And the extra bonus on top of all of this? You get to join my very own
    student room Facebook group dedicated to the Training Academy. This is
    where we can continue to stay in touch, share videos and it’ll be a place
    where I will be able to continue to provide you with feedback and deep dives
    in learning. You will continue to be fully supported by me.
    This truly is an exciting time and one that I want to share with you! We
    are in this together!
    See you on the inside!
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